Monday, April 4, 2011

Spice, spice baby!

I have a love affair with Penzeys Spices.  A true, deep, burning love (of the culinary kind).  If you live in an area with a local store - YOU ARE SO LUCKY.  I order mine (or visit any local stores when on travel).

What's not to love?  You can buy your spices and spice blends in jars or bulk bags.  You can see exactly what is blended into them.  Most contain no MSG (which I have developed an allergy to as years move on).  The quality is absolutely awesome.  The staff (if you call or visit a store - I have been to many) is very pleasant and knowledgeable.  The pricing is much more affordable than the little jars of crap in the grocery store.  All around, it is a wonderful experience.

What are our family's favorites?  (in no particular order)

4/S seasoning salt - great all-purpose seasoning.  I keep all varieties on hand and frequently give as gifts.
Cajun seasoning - I use this for lots of foods.  It is great for blackening fish and meats.  It is wonderful on pastas and vegetables.  I always use it in crab cakes.  One of my "go to" blends.
Chipolte pepper - The smokey notes and moderate heat is a wonderful addition to a variety of foods.  We especially enjoy it in macaroni and cheese.
Mural of flavor - I received this one as a free sample and we loved it.  It is great on vegetables and in pasta moistened with a bit of olive oil.  Fabulous on fish also.
Northwinds seasoning and Northwinds fire seasoning - Love to use this on briskets before smoking and grilling.
Taco seasoning - I always keep these on hand.  Super fast and easy to make as little or as much base for tacos/enchiladas/nachos/etc.  It is great for those fast dinner evenings after practice/meetings.
Parisian bonne herbes - this is wonderful in light, fresh dishes and fish.

There are many more!  Explore for yourself.  Since I buy spices in bulk, I needed to store them.  I ordered a spice storage set from Custom Magnetic Spice Rack.  I used magnetic primer according to directions and topped with latex wall paint.

Recently off the needles:
During the recent work travel, I knocked out a helix scarf.  I love it.

US 1 needles.  My handspun yarn (Forest Has a Long Memory, BFL/silk, Spinning Awesome Good).


  1. We've got one in Des Moines!

  2. So I read this blog called ProfHacker - it's part of the Chronice for Higher Ed. Usually it's stuff like tools for teaching, tools for productivity, etc. This week - Hacking the spice rack. Natch, I though of you: