Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Java jive!

Anyone who has been to our house knows my husband and I enjoy coffee.

We REALLY enjoy coffee.

Exhibit A.
In the grand scheme of life, we splurged.  Was it worth it?  TOTALLY.  Considering I drink a four shot decaf (my contributions to world peace - I'm decaffeinated) cappuccino every morning + any that come up during the day, our splurge was worth it.  Every now and then, you need to treat yourself to something that makes your life easier and heck, it makes you happy.  Our Jura-Capresso Impressa F9 has totally been worth it.  I purchased a pre-brew from JL Hufford.  The great thing about sinking stupid money into an item, if you don't care for it, the manufacturer takes it back.  So, someone had buyer's remorse when our machine arrived at their home and sent it back.  Then we got a great deal on something we use every day.  Win. Win.

I love supporting local businesses.  While we have a fabulous local coffee roaster, their roasts were a little too oily for the internal burr grinder of the F9.  I found Specialty Java.  We love their espresso roasts.  If you don't live in our area (and have access to Jittery Joes) consider giving them a try for your coffee needs.  You can also order specialty labeled coffee to give as gifts.  (What coffee-loving teacher/care provider/family member/mail person/bus driver wouldn't love fresh roasted coffee vs candy in a coffee mug as a thank you gift?)

It is tax refund season.  Perhaps you earned a superautomated espresso machine this year....

News from the needles:
It appears I have finally won the battle of the resized sock pattern.  It took four knits (three rips) to get it all to work.  Second sock is swimming along.  I won.

Kaleidoscope Yarns had a 25% off all yarn purchases this weekend.  Yarn for six pairs on the way.  (At least it is a functional obsession.)

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