Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Rainbow is a Promise

The sign-up sheet appeared two weeks ago when I was dropping the offspring off for choir practice:  Needed - cookies for end of the year children's choir party.  I signed my name on the dotted line.  How could I not?

1) I love my kid and totally support his activities.  (Ask me about Spring Fling sign-up at school.  I might be a workaholic and never make a single PTA meeting (which are during the offspring's Tae Kwon Do class), but I will be there for every.school.activity as a volunteer.)
2) I love the children's choirs director at our church.  Love.Her.
3) It involves food.
4) It is church.

No brainer.

Then the dilemma of "what to make?".  I have a tendency to make non-traditional foods (i.e. my offspring thinks they are great, but apparently other kiddos don't generally have ground oats/white chocolate chunk/cranberry cookies when their parent has a whim to bake cookies).  I guess they don't have food product development sessions where everyone in the family comes up with a list of target ingredients and Mom makes a baked good from them.  Typical life in our house.

[I have been chastised by my closest friends that I set my offspring's future partner up for failure.]

For some reason, rice krispie treats are the bomb for people of any age.  It kills me.  They are so simple to make.  [Full disclosure: one of the only food items I actually prepare using a microwave.]  Yet, for some reason adults rarely make them.  The commercial series from years ago of the mom throwing flour on her face before carrying out the platter of rice krispie treats is SO FREAKING TRUE!  People love them but never make them.  It isn't like they are expensive, difficult, or time consuming.  [shrug]

Problem solved: rice krispie treats for my cookie contribution!

This year's children's choir theme has been: A Rainbow is a Promise.  I love a good theme challenge.  [You should have seen last year's 100+ iced lighthouse sugar cookies]  As much as it pains me to admit it.  I caved.

For the purist (such as myself), plain ol' rice krispie treats.  The adult choir will kill a pan of these in minutes.  Add a few college students, the lifespan drops to seconds.

For the adventurous, half and half.  (rice krispies and fruity pebbles).

For the totally engrossed (I blame my mother-in-law for making these 30+ years ago.  My husband claims these are the best cereal treats EVER), full on fruity pebbles.

As much as this whole process kills me (anything with that much food colorant and artificial flavoring can't be that tasty), you have to admit that blending the cut krispie treats on a platter will make quite the rainbow effect.

A rainbow is a promise.

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  1. This makes me laugh out loud. Everything you said is true. It all circles back to your Type A personality. I'm just giddy with how much you probably squirmed about the food coloring.