Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cooking is love

Sorry for the absence, but work travel has been in the way.  We now (finally) have the whole family under one roof.  It is so comforting to have us all back together after two weeks of us being scattered.

A by-product of two weeks of intermittent travel is concentrated cooking come the weekend. After we developed our menu plan for the week, the offspring and I headed out to Trader Joe's and Publix.  Once home, the prep began.

The day ended with a dinner of baked Scotch eggs and homemade mac and cheese with sundried tomatoes.  I didn't follow the recipe linked above, but figured it was best to give some idea.  I boiled six eggs and enrobed them in 1 lb of hot, bulk breakfast sausage.  I dredged the wrapped eggs in flour, followed by beaten egg, and finished with bread crumbs.  I allowed the prepped eggs to rest in the frig for about an hour before baking at 400F until the sausage was fully cooked.  The hubby enjoyed them with some mustard.

I also spent time this afternoon prepping gelato from The Ciao Bella Book of Gelato & Sorbetto.  We had two absolutely fabulous flavors for dessert: chocolate and nicciola (hazelnut).  YUM!  I also grabbed pears while shopping today for pear sorbet later in the week.

When we have been apart, all I want to do is feed my family.  This week's menus are looking like they are full of love.

(I have several finished knitting projects and some new yarn and fiber but haven't had a chance to conduct a photo shoot.  More to come on that later.)

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