Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A great gift idea

Most of my fondest memories revolve around food or more precisely, sharing food with others.  Food does much more than nourish our bodies.  Gathering together to share food allows us to commune with family, friends, and love ones, providing us with emotional nourishment.  The act of preparing food can also provide a mental release after a long day.

Need a gift for a recent graduate/newlyweds/new home/new parents?  When these opportunities arrive, I generally turn to food.  Who wouldn't?

One of my favorite items to gift is Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything.

This book offers tons of great recipes presented in simple terms and will accessible ingredients.  Additionally, there isn't a need for lots of high end kitchen equipment.  Bittman has prepared a vast repertoire recipes which cross many regions and ethnicities.

Cooking for ourselves with fresh ingredients also provides our body with healthy, nutrient dense foods.

There are many available format options available.  If you would rather, the book is available in Kindle; Nook; and iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad formats.

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