Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fiber goodness

I haven't been spinning much.  (Yarn.  I spin yarn.  Not an exercise class.)

In fact, the last time I spun was late January.  Life (and work - lots of work) got in the way.  Now that we are into the summer routine (and on a bit of a work travel break) I busted out Victoria.  Luckily, she wasn't mad at me and we had a wonderful experience spending time together in the evening this past week.

Kaleidoscope (BFL and Tussah silk; 4 oz) from Spinning Awesome Good.

One of the singles before plying.

Approximately 500 yds (fingering weight), two ply.

Now, the great decision of what to make.  We all know I am rather partial to socks, so that is always an option.  Of course, this could become a lace shawl/stole.  Scarves are always an option also.  Feel free to voice your opinion.

The garden is zooming along.  We had a fabulous "mess" of snow peas this week.  In short order, we are going to have various tomatoes out our ears.  (We are looking forward to it.)  Several batches of fresh pesto have also been consumed.

The potted perennial herbs are also very happy.  Cooking this time of year is a thrill.

Bonus shot:

Photo shoot supervisor.  She takes her job VERY seriously.

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