Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kitchen workhorse - example A

Well over 15 years ago, my in-laws gave me a Cuisinart 11 cup food processor.  I was in grad school at the time and we definitely did not have the cash laying around to make such a purchase.  I was asked to dream big for my Christmas list.  I did.  I felt a rush of emotions when I opened my present.  Simultaneously, I was excited to have such a great piece of kitchen equipment and guilty about them spending money on me.  (I'm one of those folks who loves to buy/make other people presents, but would be happier if they didn't give me a present in return.)

After all these years, the Cuisinart 11 cup is still hanging in there!  I use it at least once a week.  (I also have a Cuisinart mini-prep that is 17 years old and still ticking.  I did replace the blade assembly about 10 years ago due to a crack forming in the collar of the assembly.)  I L.O.V.E. this machine.  I have made a lot of yeast bread dough over the years.  "Kneading" is a snap in a good food processor.  Four, 10 second burst and you are done!  The food processor works best for single loaf baking.  When I plan to make 2-3 loaves at once, I switch to the standing mixer.  Yeasted sweet doughs (such as cinnamon rolls) are a tad heavy for even a strong food processor.  (Back to the stand mixer.)

I have yet to meet someone who hasn't loved their Cuisinart food processor.  I'm not sure that the 7 cup model would be adequate for a family.  While I often covet the 14 cup model, the 11 cup model has performed superbly for our family.  (I have really given it a workout too.)

As the summer progresses, quarts of pesto, pounds of yeast bread/pizza/bread stick/focaccia dough, plenty of cheesecakes (I'll share this later), homemade panko, etc will run through "the little engine that could".

If you are ranking your kitchen "wish list", a Cuisinart food processor is a very good investment.  If mine dies, I will immediately replace it.

Update from the needles:

I have been very busy knitting.  A pair of Skew Socks in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select (colorway: Silver Streak) have gone out the door to a good home.  (At least it better be a good home.  They know I will take the socks back.)

I have also knocked out two scarves in Flounce.  True confession:  I don't like the stuff.  I'm not a "give me a ruffly scarf and I'll be happy" kind of chick.  One is for a friend (she loves it) and the other has gone into the scarf present stash.

I bought the Flounce when I stopped at Knitted Together.  As always, they were an absolutely wonderful local yarn store I stumbled upon during work travel.  They also helped me out of a work-related shipping pinch to boot.  When everything seemed to be unraveling as I was heading to the airport (unraveling in the shipping department, that is), I just knew the local yarn store would be able to help me out!  Thanks folks!  It is wonderful to be a part of the eclectic, kind, helpful, accepting fiber arts community!

Side note: a certain UPS store in that area will soon be on the receiving end of one VERY nasty letter.

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