Friday, August 12, 2011

My future's so bright, I've gotta wear shades

I'm always asked, "Don't you want a daughter?"  Honestly, I am thrilled to be blessed with a child.  I had no preference for either gender.  I truly just wanted a healthy child.  There are many people who assume that I must have a burning desire for a daughter since I cook, knit, sew, etc.  While I do enjoy sharing these pursuits with children, I don't necessarily have to produce my own daughter, I can "rent" one of just about any age from my dear friends (who don't have any sons - see, the whole thing really balances out).

This summer, "the girls" and I undertook a yarn-related project.  The two older girls (older is relative) had requested knitted purses.  I had read an article about dying yarn with Kool Aid.  How can you pass up a perfect storm such as this?

I ordered several skeins of Knit Picks Bare (varying weights and fiber content).  I downloaded the Knit Picks Kool Aid Dyeing Tutorial.  We were ready to roll!  The girls begged asked their mothers to take them shopping for Kool Aid.  I bought quart wide-mouth canning jars.  I was smarter than the average bear - I dyed my own sock yarn before starting the endeavor with young, highly excited children.

I knotted the yarn randomly throughout (and across) the skein to have areas of white and color.

Lemon-lime Kool Aid is bright.  (I was expecting it.)  For the whole skein of sock yarn (Stroll, fingering weight, superwash wool/nylon), I used a two quart glass pitcher for dyeing.

The yarn definitely has the fruity smell when it comes out of the dyeing solution.

I was quite pleased with the final results.

Currently on the needles.  (I will totally wear these with a business suit to a meeting.)

I split the skeins of worsted weight wool in half for the girls' purses.  The Kool Aid flavors (front to back):  strawberry-watermelon, berry blue, strawberry lemonade, berry blue, strawberry-watermelon over dyed with another bright pink flavor that escapes me (skein of sport weight superwash wool/nylon for another purpose).

Finished skeins (in the same order).

I made drawstring bags.  I began by casting on and knitting a 6" square.  I evenly picked up stitches along all edges. (US 9 needle)  Both purses have beads knitted in.  I knitted a ruffled edge above the eyelets.  I made an I-cord drawstring of each color.

 After felting, I shaped the bags on overturned quart canning jars.  I installed 3/8" grommets in the eyelets.

This is the strawberry-watermelon/berry blue purse with silver beads.

This is the strawberry lemonade/berry blue purse with purple beads.

Since there was a little sister also involved, she was surprised with a purse (random wool in the stash and Eros).  Another improvised design.  (Felted measurement: approximate 6" wide)

Recently off the needles:
Skew in Koigu pppm (colorway 145).  This is my second pair of Skew.  I love the concept of the pattern, but the easement through the ankle leaves a bit to be desired when putting them on.  Once they are on, they fit like a glove.

Alas, these are destined for other feet (as soon as they have a bath - the socks that is).

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