Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summertime....and the living's easy

We had plans to visit family over the holiday weekend.  My coming down with a nasty sinus infection foiled all those plans.  I ended up running a few errands this morning and laying low the rest of the day.  I really hope to be back in my groove tomorrow.  The offspring is in the mist of a massive Lego build.  (Hopefully we can reclaim our den tomorrow also.)

Just because I am feeling a bit under the weather doesn't mean we can't eat well.  It is summer (perhaps not officially on the calendar, but Mother Nature is telling us otherwise), that means cooking is fresh and easy.

I thawed a few boneless, skinless chicken tenderloins.  While they were thawing, I mixed up a quick marinade with fresh thyme, onion, white wine, garlic, salt, pepper, dried hot mustard, sugar, and vegetable oil.  The tenders marinaded in the frig for a few hours.

Vine ripe tomatoes were on sale today and the basil needed a haircut, so capress was added to the night's menu.  It is always a big hit at our house.  Tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella, fresh ground pepper, and balsamic vinegar is such a tasty, fresh combination.

Large white shrimp were also on sale, so I peeled the shrimp and seasoned them with cajun seasoning and a tad of vegetable oil.  I also sliced a fresh lemon in half.

When it was time to cook, the grill was lit.  We used lump charcoal after a friend presented such a convincing argument for us to give it a try.  Honestly, where we both grew up, everyone used charcoal briquets.  We enjoyed the outcomes and are switching to lump charcoal.

I placed one of my cast iron skillets on the back of the grill while the chicken and corn were cooking.  Just before everything was done, I pour a dab of vegetable oil in the hot skillet and used a silicon brush to coat the entire inside of the skillet.  The grill lid was closed to allow the oil to heat.  After a few minutes, I dumped the seasoned shrimp in the skillet and juiced the lemon into the skillet.  I stirred the shrimp, then closed the grill lid.  After stirring the shrimp a few times, they were done.

Dinner was great.

I hope you are enjoying quick, fresh summer meals also!

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